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Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Mower
Removing Weeds

We begin our mowing season in mid-April, depending on the weather. Lawn areas will be cut at a height of 2-3 1/2 inches as conditions dictate. To recycle clipping whenever possible, we select appropriate mowing equipment and patterns. We work hard to keep your lawn looking clean and neat.

Once a month, and whenever needed, power edging will be done by an experience laborer on our maintenance crew. This includes edges where the pool, tennis courts, sidewalks, driveways, etc. meet the grass. These areas will then be cleaned of grass clippings.

We can cultivate all specified beds to present a weed free appearance. The turf next to the beds will be edged to prevent encroachment of the lawn and maintain the shape of the bed. This done manually with a sharp-edged shovel. Circular beds will also be maintained around the base of trees.

Black Soil

Shrubs and evergreens will be trimmed to present a neat appearance. We ensure no branches to be torn or damaged by trimming with sharp equipment. You tell us your desired height and shape, and we will trim accordingly. All clippings will be removed after. We recommend this process to be done biannually.

Spring clean-ups begin in late March and early April, consisting of raking and blowing all shrub beds and lawn areas. Patios and other areas will also be cleared of debris. Though not included, we can schedule power-raking, aeration, and seeding at this same clean-up time. Fall clean-ups begin the third week in November. These include a blowing of all leaves that have built up on the property. We also will do one last mow to remove all fallen leaves, branches, and debris.

Snow Removal

Other services include fertilization and weed control, gutter cleaning, power raking, and aerating. Lawn fertilization takes place four times per year. We recommend this for a better looking lawn. Gutter cleaning can be done twice a year (spring and fall). Power raking includes removing thatch and dead debris in the lawn (recommended twice a year). Aerating is when we apply holes to the soil in the lawn to allow water, air, and nutrients to sink into the grass roots. Call our office to learn more about these services.

Snow Removal Truck

Miller Bros. is fully capable to handle your snow removal needs during any storm. We monitor winter weather 24-hours a day and are always prepared for all situations. Our business customers can reach a supervisor any time of the day, any day of the week by telephone. This way, we can comply with your company's requests in a timely manner.

We proudly service residential customers in snow removal on sidewalks and driveways. We offer a customized programs that will fit your budget. All of our snow plow drivers are experienced, licensed, insured, and in constant communication. Miller Bros. has been successfully serving clients in this area for over 20 years.



We can create the perfect wall for your desired look and feel. Even if you don't know where to start, we have excellent professionals to lead you towards a beautiful product. We have become specialists in this area of design through years of working on our craft.

Miller Bro's has been installing paver walkways in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years.  We know that adding or enhancing a walkway transforms the entrance to your home, so we always work hard to give every project the proper care and attention to detail.

Our company understands that a driveway is the first impression people have of a property, so we have became masters at designing a look to give our clients serious curb appeal. Our paver installation specialists are fully equipped and ready to service you!

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